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A Healthy Mama, is a Happy Life!


Introductory Meet & Greet

15 Minutes (free)

  • about myself, background, and specific area of interest

  • tell me about yourself, what are your needs

  • how can I help you?

Pre/Post Baby Nutrition Consultation

60-90 Minutes

  • for mama's who are pre or post baby 

  • to gain knowledge regarding their health needs during pregnancy

  • to gain knowledge regarding their health needs post baby

  • mama's looking for a better understanding of vitamins/supplement/food ideas that are safe for mom and baby


Mama to Mama Meal Planning

1 week, 4 week, 6 week

·        ideal for mama's pre and post baby
·        Meal Planning is one of the best tools for following through with your nutrition goals
·        start by learning about your food preferences, health goals, kitchen appliances, family size, and how much time you can devote to cooking on a daily and weekly basis
·        I will put together an individualized meal plan (1-week, 4-week or 6-week), using tasty, simple, and balanced recipes

How to Grocery Shop, like a Mama!

(up to 3hrs)

·        nutrition label reading and comparisons
·        new innovative ingredients and how to use them
·        tasty substitutes for food allergies and sensitivities (like dairy and gluten)
·        satisfying, balanced, on-the-go options
·        seasonal shopping
·        local and/or organic options

Fresh Produce

Help Me, Mama! Pantry Overhaul

(up to 3 hours)

·        re-organize, discard, eliminate excess 'food clutter'
·        discuss alternative food choices that are more in line with your wellness and nutrition goals
·        identify roadblocks you are facing to changing your eating habits (often times it’s the organization of our food options that is the biggest culprit!)
·        provide insight and suggestions for stocking a well-equipped pantry that meets yours and your families needs

Services : Services

Two Month Gut Healing Program for Moms

Two Month Gut Health Program:

For Someone who:

  • Needs a complete digestive, dietary, and lifestyle overhaul

  • is serious about making major changes to their digestion

  • is ready to commit to healthier and happier life by focusing on their gut health

Step 1: Initial Consultation: 60 minutes 
Review the following:  (to be filed out & completed prior to appointment)

1. Intake Questionnaire

2. Food Journal

3. Client Waiver

  • This will include your goals, diet history, food consumption, portion sizes, food preferences, known food sensitivities, supplement usage, exercise habits, main symptoms, main concerns

  • At the end of this appointment, we will proceed with the Nutri-body Symptomatology Questionnaire sent via email, to help determine the root cause(s) 

Step 2: Personalized Plan: 60 minutes

- Based on the above findings, a Personalized plan will be created. This may include (some or all) of the following:

  • personalized meal suggestions to assist with providing you optimal gut health, supplemental protocol based on your specific needs, lifestyle changes (if required), personalized digestion and gut health tips,  specific ways to alleviate stressors on your gut and digestion.

Step 3: Follow up: 30 minutes

  • check your progress

  • what is working, what is not

  • Review new food journal 

  • provide feedback

  • potential rework of plan

Step 4:  Secondary Follow up: 30 minutes

  • check your progress

  • tweak plan

  • answer questions

  • provide feedback

Services : Services
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