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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics: Welcome

By the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners

  1. Natural Nutritionists conduct themselves with integrity, honesty, fairness.

  2. Natural Nutritionists practice safely, competently and legally.

  3. Natural Nutritionists educate clients and promote vibrant health through natural eating, and the use of natural supplements and healthy lifestyle choices.

  4. Natural Nutritionists do not diagnose diseases, dysfunctions or disorders.

  5. Natural Nutritionists do not treat diseases, dysfunctions or disorders, nor provide therapy to relieve illness.

  6. Natural Nutritionists do not perform any medical intervention including tissue penetration, radiation, collection of human specimens or medical instrumentation.

  7. Natural Nutritionists respect the client's right to make choices.

  8. Natural Nutritionists place the client's best interests as their primary obligation.

  9. Natural Nutritionists respect the values and abilities of colleagues and other members of the client's professional team, and never recommends that anyone discontinue seeing a medical doctor or discontinue taking medications.

  10. Natural Nutritionists respect confidentiality and privacy.

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